Auditions and Pitches 

that changed everything... or didn't 

Below is an audition for a Spanish Netflix series. Pre-production began in mid-July 2023 and is apparently still ongoing... after a few emails back and forth, it suddenly went silent. 🤫🤔

The following audition was for a Jack Neo's feature film and, obviously, i did not get the part. On a side note i shot this one while having Covid, the first batch with high fever and headache.

Audition for DHL Worker. I sent first the Creative Version but they rejected it gently. So, I had to send the boring one. I highly doubt I will get it.

Below is the callback from the production company with another audition request, I feel like I was just making a fool of myself.

And here it comes another unprofessional bunch of people I ever encountered in the film industry; after making me to hold onto two dates for roughly three weeks they confirmed me as part of the project to later on, the very next day, come back to me saying I was cut out from the project. What the heck...

Update: Got the part. Coming soon here 

Audition for Irakli, a Georgian character suspected to be involved in a crime. Project Crimewatch, Mediacorp Ch5, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham.. 

Audition for the role of a Romanian Chief Officer. Project: Monica, When Fear Kills. British film. Based on a true story

Below is a video pitch for my spec feature screenplay Local-ized, a project that, despite of a strong recognition at festivals no producer seems to be willing to produce.

Audition for Air Purifier, brand Blueair. Got the part.

Audition for Interviewer Leslie for the long form drama in Ch5. Got the part. Coming episode 463 in September 2024. It will be available here.

This audition made the opposite effect, or reversed effect. It's when I learned how unprofessional some production houses can actually be. I applied for a NON SPEAKING role for a Malay drama. They offered me a role with lines, in Malay, a language that I don't speak, with just a few hours to prepare.  So far so good. The frustrating part is they didn't care at all to provide any sort of feedback. Later I learned this production company is known for their unprofessionalism.

Below is the audition that landed me the first role in a commercial. Starhub available here .

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