Short Films

We (the actors in this clip) were once involved in one CNN project. Unfortunately, the final cut was pretty disappointing as none of us gained the so longed for exposure. But we had a lot of BTS material so Leonidas came up with the idea to make what he calls [a self-invented term] a "parasite film". Manganito, the story untold.

The first day is always great. But when the struggle hits so hard that it consumes your soul...some decide to simply go. IMDb



When something goes wrong in an underground research center John must descend to the deepest to solve the problem. But can it be solved? Creepy noises, underground lakes, huge hydraulic Gates and a strong musical score will keep your eyes on the screen. IMDb

Foster's at Lazy Lizard is an experimental ad in the format of a short film. It wasn't released in any commercial platform. But we had fun. And I am having a free pint of beer everytime I go to buy take away... IMDb

After 19


Based on the outbreak of Covid-19 comes this Dystopian short film with a vision of the world one decade later when the struggle for survival makes humans to take harsh decisions. IMDb

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