Baba Papa


Leonidas portrays the guest role of Dr. Pablo, episode 4.

BABA PAPA THE SERIES is a comedy surrounding Latif (Zaidi Ibrahim), his son, Lutfi (Junaidi Sali), Latif's wife/Lutfi's mother, Liana (Era Farida) and Lutfi's wife, Izzaty (Huda Ramdzan). 9 months ago, Liana and Izzaty learnt that they are both pregnant and now, 9 months later, this foursome how has to learn how to live together and raise two babies under the same roof! Things get more chaotic when Rugayah (Liana's difficult mother-in-law), Ali and Lela (the odd new neighbours), Ash and Adam (Lutfi's new staff) and a whole bunch of other crazy characters decide to crash into the foursome's lives!

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