Blind Knife Man - the Movie


by Dag Kaszlikowski

in 2019 and after a few awards for the short film with the same title comes this mocumentary feature project directed by the internationally multi awarded Director and Cinematographer Dag Kaszlikowski where he tells the story of a Romanian  former circus clown [Leonidas Stanescu] and his blind Singaporean Indian disciple [Nantha Gabriel], who is very determined to learn from his "master" the Filipino art of knife fight and participate in an underground tournament run by a Chinese Mafia lady, Hu Di [Karen Tan Bee Lin]. 

The project had a unique dark humor and with high chances to become a beautiful achievement for the Director Dag, unfortunately, despite being shot big part of the film, the project has been halted for undisclosed reasons and after 3 years of complete silence it's been decided to let it Rest in Peace.

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