Dark Moon Hotel

Nicholl [Oscars] Fellowships Screenplay Competition
Nicholl [Oscars] Fellowships Screenplay Competition



A colonial house in Singapore, burned to the ground during WWII, was later on converted into a sinister hotel and its reputation for being haunted started to attract tourists from all over the world until one family arrives and their son, unaware of his own dark secret, will challenge the ghost. 


Step into the enigmatic world of DARK MOON HOTEL where the past haunts the present. This thrilling screenplay immerses you in the chilling atmosphere of a haunted hotel, with a blending of history and horror. The screenplay kicks off with a mysterious restaurant in 1980s Singapore, setting the stage for a spine-tingling tale. - Wallachia International Film Festival

Chronically, this story begins when Marco, a British officer stationed in Singapore, after losing his family in a huge fire during World War II that burned the house to the ground, commits suicide, an action that would trap his spirit inside the house. His sister Mary, full of pain, takes charge of the house in the hope of seeing Marco's spirit. She and her husband, Eugene, restored the house into a hotel and moved in.

At some point after its restoration, one of the first clients [to whom only a brief reference is made] has an encounter with Marco's ghost and suggests that Mary transform it into a themed hotel, the hotel of horrors.

Over the years, the hotel has earned a reputation for being haunted and, over time, has become an iconic tourist attraction thanks to its staff and decor.

Despite living at the hotel for over 30 years, Mary and Eugene never encountered the ghost, while most tourists did. However, one night Mary and Eugene receive a visit from the spirit and as a result Mary dies of a heart attack. Mary's nephew Josh appears to be the hotel's sole heir.

Meanwhile, in England, Josh, Elli's husband and father of two children, Jenny and Mikey, after losing his mother and feeling frustrated at work, has to deal with the peculiar supernatural condition that his son Mikey begins to manifest after the death of his grandmother.

Josh receives the news of the death of his Aunt Mary and what that entails: the inheritance of a successful hotel in Singapore. At the urging of the family's attorney and Ellie herself, Josh and Ellie decide to put their lives behind them and travel to Singapore to take over the hotel, unaware that the hotel has a reputation for being haunted.

The arrival at the hotel and the shock the family suffers when they realize that the hotel not only has creepy staff and creepier decor but is in fact haunted, will lead the couple to question their decision. Obliged by contract to maintain the hotel for at least a year before being able to sell it, the family sees no choice but to try to adapt to their peculiar new property. Mikey's arrival will result in a true ghost hunt until an even more shocking truth is revealed.

"This does appear to be a sincere homage to Stephen King. The plot and concept do resemble one of his most famous novels but beyond that there is a throwback nature to this story. It is set in the 80's but in a lot of parts it reads like a horror novel from that time period. - WeScreenplay Coverage

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Leads: 2

MIKEY: male, Caucasian, 8 years old. Very bright and sensitive, inquisitive, mischievous. His extrasensory abilities turn him into a mature boy before his time with strong protective instincts. 

JOSH: male, Caucasian, age 30-40. Father of Mikey and Jenny, married to Ellie, he is your typical normal good guy, with certain intellectual vibes, intelligent but not very willing to accept challenges if it weren't for his wife, Ellie.

Co-Leads: 2

ELLIE: female, Caucasian, age 30-38. Stylish, smart, and more ambitious than Josh. Although she could be overbearing, she deals with Josh's lack of initiative with a loving and intelligent approach.

Charles: male, Chinese, age 30-35. A character full of contrasts in his appearance. Extremely reserved, able to exercise authority but not abusive. He, along with Mr. Barrymore, the lawyer, is the character who links the quirky little world of the hotel with the outside world.

Major Supporting roles:

PRITAM: male, Indian, 50-55. Friendly face, extremely sensitive, mostly calm. If Josh and Ellie have Mikey, the hotel has Pritam when it comes to ESPs. He is the oldest and only employee who has witnessed the entire history since the transformation of the hotel. If Charles links the world of the hotel with the outside, Pritam links all the stories that happen in the hotel with his mere presence.

JENNY: female, Caucasian, 12 years old. Not as bright as Mikey, closer to average, who at one point would be tempted to bully her own little brother. Her role is basically face-to-face with little to no development in the story as a counterweight to Mikey.

MR. BARRYMORE: male, Caucasian, Aunt Mary's lawyer in his 60s, elegant demeanor, very committed to the theme of the hotel. 

Introducing: 3 characters:

MARY: female, Caucasian in late 20's and mid/late 60's, referred to as Aunt Mary and also Mother Mary, she is a very mysterious woman who we can feel strength and courage about despite to be represented as a bad and wicked woman. Her importance in the story will increase in Midnight Moans, a period drama with its supernatural element, currently in the first draft stage, where she will be the main character.

CAPTAIN JAMES: male, Caucasian in his 50's. Authoritarian, with a very strong sense of responsibility, he is introduced at the end of this story as a link to Midnight Moans in which he will have a co-leading role.

EUGENE: male, Caucasian in his early 30's and mid 70's, appears in this story in the same way as Mary, his wife. He, a weak, cowardly and unsupportive character, is portrayed in this story as a victim, although things will take a very different turn in Midnight Moans, where his true colors will be revealed in his supporting role.


England (this can be adjusted):

- int. Full House

- int. Office

- int. Hospitals 2

 - ext. cemetery


- int. Full hotel. (main filming location)

- int. Military office

 - ext. B-rolls

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