Prof Gustav is featured in the book SHORT FILMS A Non-Exhaustive List Of Highly Creative Shorts edited and published in Las Vegas, NV, United States through the short films Operacion Banana (1, 2 and 3) Dawn of Spectral Darkness (1 and 2 ). Available on Amazon.

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After accepting an overseas job offer for a virus repellent research, professor Gustav, a quirky European scientist, faces the culture shock of the local environment in Singapore. IMDb


Prof Gustav, a mad scientist, is offered the lead team position in the research for a virus repellent in a laboratory in Singapore. He accepts the offer with the hope that with the high salary he will be able to continue his private research [an antidote to be less attractive to women]. What he didn't expect was to get involved in a vortex of supernatural encounters and a "femme fatal" that finds him irresistible. 

Prof Gustav is an established character that shows up in the multi awarded short films Operation Banana, the Formula and Dawn of Spectral Darkness. For a deeper understanding of the character please click here.

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