Showreel 2023


Showreel 2023

Excerpts from:                        

- Introduction [who the heck is this guy?]

- Baba Papa the Series [by Muhd Mahfuz]

- Classmates [by Shaiful Reezal]

- Distopia tv series [by Muhd Mahfuz]

- Ayya Veedu [JK Saravana] 

- VOD Starhub [Commercial]

- Kickoff by Zuju [Commercial]     

- Diablo IV [Commercial]                

- Archero [Commercial]     

- Operacion Banana, the Formula [by Leonidas Stanescu] 

- Dawn of Spectral Darkness [by Leonidas Stanescu ] 

- Fine Dining [Sketch, by Leonidas Stanescu]

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