VAMPEER Saga [3 parts]


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Vampeer Saga is a dark fantasy thriller that blends elements of supernatural horror and historical fiction, creating a unique and captivating story that spans centuries and explores the battle between good and evil.

The story unfolds in modern-day Singapore and Indonesia, with flashbacks to ancient Dacia and 15th-century Wallachia, as the protagonist uncovers her connection to a legendary ruler and an army of vampires.

Netra Setiawan, a clairvoyant police officer, is the protagonist who must come to terms with her growing abilities and her destiny as the Dark Angel. Her mentor, Deceneus, is an immortal figure who once created an army of vampires and now guides Netra in her journey.

The story also features Netra's grandmother, who raised her after the loss of her parents, and her cousin Asmara, whose unborn child becomes a target of the evil force threatening the world.

The plot follows Netra as she discovers her connection to Vlad the Impaler and an ancient prophecy foretelling the rise of a Dark Angel who will vanquish an evil darkness. As newborns around the world fall victim to a sinister force, Netra must master her abilities and uncover the truth behind the threat.

The story's unique structure blends present-day events with flashbacks to ancient times, gradually revealing the complex web of destiny that ties Netra to her past and the challenges she must face.

Netra's character arc sees her transform from a troubled individual struggling with her abilities to a powerful figure who embraces her destiny as the Dark Angel. Her journey is one of self-discovery and sacrifice, as she learns to wield her powers and confront the evil that threatens the world.

Deceneus, Netra's mentor, also undergoes a significant arc as he grapples with the consequences of his past actions and the role he must play in guiding Netra to fulfill the prophecy. Their relationship forms a central pillar of the story, as they navigate the challenges and revelations that come with their shared destiny.

At its core, Vampeer Saga is a story about the battle between good and evil, and the sacrifices that must be made to protect the innocent. The story explores themes of destiny, family, and the power of ancient knowledge, creating a rich and immersive world that will appeal to fans of dark fantasy and supernatural thrillers.

With its unique blend of genres and its compelling characters, Vampeer Saga has the potential to captivate audiences who enjoy films like Constantine, Underworld, and The Prophecy. The story's complex mythology and the promise of future installments make it an attractive prospect for those seeking a fresh and engaging franchise. 

Visual Synopsis:

Vampeer Saga is a dark fantasy thriller that blends elements of supernatural horror and historical fiction. With an ominous tone reminiscent of films like Constantine and Underworld, the story delves into ancient prophecies, immortal beings, and a battle against an evil force threatening the world.

The story follows Netra Setiawan, a clairvoyant police officer in modern-day Singapore who is haunted by nightmares and struggling to understand her growing abilities. Raised by her grandmother after losing her parents, Netra seeks guidance from a mysterious figure known as the White Dukun, or Deceneus.

Netra's life is upended when Deceneus reveals her connection to Vlad the Impaler, the infamous 15th-century ruler of Wallachia. She learns that Vlad once commanded an army of vampires created by Deceneus to defend their land, but the creatures turned on their master and were sealed away in a dark realm.

As Netra begins training with Deceneus to master her abilities and the power of her own sphere, a sinister force emerges, causing the deaths of newborns around the world. Netra races to protect her pregnant cousin Asmara, whose unborn child is targeted by the evil entity.

Netra discovers the true nature of the threat: the vampire ghosts are attempting to reincarnate through the bodies of newborns, killing them in the process. She learns of an ancient prophecy foretelling the rise of a Dark Angel who will vanquish the darkness with a Flaming Sword.

In a climactic battle, Netra sacrifices herself, using her own blood and the Flaming Sword to enter the realm of the vampire ghosts. She destroys the evil force from within, shattering its hold on the world. Resurrected by the divine being Zamolxis, Netra is celebrated as the fulfillment of the prophecy.

As the story concludes, Netra vows to protect her newborn nephew Baskoro, whose unique green eyes hint at his significance in future events. She prepares to face new challenges, knowing that her journey as the Dark Angel is far from over. 



In the midst of normal people, a shy and troubled young woman is destined to rise above the realm of humanity. This is the journey of Netra, a descendant of a powerful Indonesian dukun [shaman] lineage, who wants to live a normal life. But nothing is normal in her life. After experiencing the loss of both parents during childhood, her nightmares are about to begin. As she reaches young adulthood, in addition to her nightmares, she seems to develop certain mental abilities that would open doors for her to join a Singapore Police Special Unit. Another loss hits her hard, the death of her only sister, Kirana. To heal her broken heart, Netra travels to live with her grandmother in the land of her ancestors, a small village in the middle of the forest located south of Surabaya, Indonesia. In that remote place, full of Nature's energy, Netra will meet Deceneus, the long-lived White Dukun, and through him she will find answers that will change her life forever. The White Dukun, Deceneus, the most devoted priest of Zamolxes, will reveal the true nature, practically immortal, of her soul: on the one hand, a normal human spirit, and on the other hand, the reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler, the ruler of Wallachia. A process was needed to complete the symbiosis between her human soul and Vlad's soul, a process meant to save his life, a process that was not yet complete.


A young woman, after experiencing strange nightmares and supernatural abilities, begins a quest for answers, but only The One can reveal the truth about her unsettling identity. IMDb

 ... you thrust us in, feeling just as confused and unsure as Netra is ... [...] This gives this story not only that genre element audiences love to get lost in but creating this sense of mystery and intrigue that keeps us guessing the entire time. - 

Diverse Voices [presented by WeScreenplay]. 

- Vampeer has a nice marketability angle. Its supernatural motives, combined with a compelling visual identity, suspense and thriller elements, allow us to anticipate a fruitful turnover for the film. Depending on the budget and conveying to the screen, Vampeer has the potential to take over the box office. - The Golden Script Competition

On an overall aspect regarding the structure, Leonidas doses in a meticulous way the information he gives to the audience. [...] In this way, Leonidas builds up suspense and tension, playing with our expectations.

Wallachia International Film Festival - Jury Award 2022




While trying to get her old life back a whirlpool of supernatural events is being unleashed that will only bring her closer to her Destiny. IMDb


The revelation about her true nature sowed a great fear in Netra's heart making her chase her old life in a desperate attempt to be a regular person. And for a few months she did. But Destiny had other plans for her. A Darkness, that has been killing newborns for centuries, was rising violently, threatening the very existence of humankind. Netra and this Darkness shared a very powerful bond and only with Netra's intervention would be possible to banish that Darkness for good. The interrupted symbiotic process would bring her excruciating headaches anytime Netra would be near any manifestation of the Darkness. Once more, she will be travelling to Indonesia where she will understand the extent of her responsibilities and, afraid to keep losing beloved ones, decides to finish what she started with Deceneu..



Part III
Part III


A prophecy written in the ashes of time reveals the arrival of the Dark Angel, born from Darkness, who will come to banish that Evil which was killing newborns for centuries. IMDb


 Netra, after a retrospective journey through the memories of a life past at the hands of the Great Zamolxes, the god worshiped by the Dacians, will learn to project her inner space creating the "Sphere", away from anyone's eyes, invisible to any living and dead, a place that would allow her to develop and harness her powers. Soon she will learn from a Master Freemason that there was a prophecy predicting her arrival under the name of Dark Angel, a protector born from the Darkness. Armed with the Flaming Sword forged by the hands of Zamolxes himself, with the training received from Master Deceneu and with external help embodied by the Brotherhood of the Freemasonry, Netra will hold the tools and knowledge to defeat the Darkness that was killing newborns for centuries.  

The music behind the story

In this ocean of excellent writers I honestly doubt Vampeer will  see the light of any filming set, ever. But I felt compelled to tell this story. So, with this in mind, I will keep it playing  in my head over and over again, for as long as I breathe. - Leonidas Stanescu

A few Cinematic Scores were produced in an inspirational symbiotic relation with this story: Vampeer Army of the Undead , Wallachian Blood and Argedava among others, all available in the album Vampeer [original motion Picture Soundtrack]. The name of Argedava comes from the capital of Dacia [82-44? BC] in the time of King Burebista, and represents part 2, where the first act focuses on Deceneu and his journey through time. Wallachian Blood comes to represent Part 3 where Netra, in the company of Deceneu and guided by Zamolxes himself, will travel back in time to learn about her past life. This journey will reveal a more terrifying truth as her journey will take her to a place beyond death, to the darkness between both realms.


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