Leonidas speaks English, Spanish and Romanian fluently. He can also deliver lines in German, Italian, Japanese, Malay and, with some intense practice, Mandarin.

Featured in SHORT FILMS A Non-Exhaustive List Of Highly Creative Shorts edited and published in Las Vegas, NV, United States and available on Amazon.


its a dramedy Screenplay written during the pandemic and still ongoing adjustments here and there. Below is a visual synopsis. For more information about Local-ized please click here.


Romanian-Spanish artist based in Singapore. Born into a family of artists (musicians and painters), the young LeĆ³nidas felt a strong love for cinema since he was a child. Being from a non-local ethnicity in Singapore comes with both pros and cons, less competitive but also fewer acting opportunities, leading Leonidas to start exploring screenwriting, score composing and film editing to create his own movie sets, becoming an advocate for low-budget movies produced with mobile phones. Balancing his day job as a dental technician with his passion for acting was no easy feat. Neither the nightly shoots before and after full-time work, nor the job loss during the pandemic, nor the lack of filming opportunities, post-pandemic, for larger projects could have discouraged him from continuing to make and act in short films. At the same time, he composes his own scores for his short films. Some of his soundtracks are available on Spotify. His firm belief that passion and hard work will eventually lead to that breakthrough, which every artist fights so hard for, keeps him motivated.. 

About his looks

Caucasian, born in 1974, 1'89m height and 107kg average weight. 

About his hobbies and skills

Gym and Karate lover, plays guitar and some piano, speaks fluently Romanian, Spanish and English as well as some German, Mandarin and Japanese.

Vampeer Saga is a female character driven, dark fantasy, supernatural thriller spec feature screenplay.  For more information click here

Leonidas on Spotify as a re-mixer artist

Besides filmmaking he is a very active member on FilmFreeway platform where he found the chance to showcase his work competing in International Film Festivals and on Coverfly competing in top script competitions such as Nicholl (Oscar's), and placing in first tear scriptwiriting competitions such as Diverse Voices [WeScreenplay] (Local-ized) , Table Read My Screenplay (Hollywood) (Dark Moon Hotel) and Scriptation Showcase Features (Local-ized) among others. Soon he would become Juror at Golden Reel International Film Festival.

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