Wallachia International Film Festival interview for Alien
... Either way, independent festivals are useful assets that help small artists build their portfolio, their industry presences and, above all, their self- confidence, where their work receives well-deserved recognition and appreciation.

Capital Fund Screenplay Competition

Q: What is your dream for this project and what other ancillary revenue do you think it could generate?

A: For Dark Moon Hotel I would love to see it produced. For Local-ized and Vampeer Saga to not only see them produced but also be part of the main cast as Prof Gustav and Deceneus respectively. Regarding the supplementary income, well, I could quote some of the coverage received from Golden Scripts Competition...

Leonidas Dacul Stanescu is an actor, screenwriter, filmmaker, score composer and director based in Singapore. [...] He has submitted to AIMAFF noumerous times with different films claiming many awards and distinctions.

#FASTTRACK short interview at Wallachia International Film Festival for VAMPEER .

His first Interview was done for Monthly Indie Shorts


[MIS]Knowing that your first short film "Dark Dawn in Tokyo" was produced entirely with a cellphone and was selected in many International Festivals. Do you believe that filmmaking isn't about heavy and expensive equipment? 

more coming soon.

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