Review from Wallachia International Film Festival for Alien

 Rather than a traditional short film, Leonidas has submitted a film score accompanied by stunning visuals, creating an experimental piece that transcends conventional narrative structures. 

Review from Miami Screenplay Awards for Local-ized

The script adeptly blends humor, interpersonal dynamics, science, and the supernatural, delivering a unique and engaging narrative. 

Review from Wallachia International Film Festival for Dark Moon Hotel

The dialogue is sharp and well-written and it effectively conveys the tension and curiosity surrounding the hotel, but much more important, it has humor and genuine emotion, escaping the 2D dimension that most writers tend to be prisoners of. With the atmosphere so vividly described, the script is enhancing the overall sense of foreboding.

Feedback from WeScreenplay for Local-ized

Local-ized features characters who are verisimilitudinous and authentic in their presentation, making them feel like very much like real life, breathing people, yet also have exaggerated characteristics that give them a whimsical degree of heightened behavior. The writer is able to demonstrate an intimate understanding of who their characters are, making this a story unique to them. There is a lot of love for Gustav, William, and Sam, and the respect that the writer has toward the ensemble allows for both an abundance of truth and comedy from these characters...

Review from Pixel Garage for Dawn of Spectral Darkness, Ghaar 

The creation of the believable netherworld, where the all-important conversation happens, is complete with the powerful performances by the characters and an effective sound design.

Review from Short to the Point I.F.F. for Dark Dawn in Tokyo 

 The technique used by director Leonidas Stanescu is interesting while the choice of him playing both of the characters (the brothers) is indeed intriguing...

Express review for Memories of Sorrow..

more coming soon...

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